Saturday, November 5, 2011

Schapelle Corby - John Pistole, What Do You Intend To Do About Qantas Airlines? They Carry Unscreened Luggage

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Dear John and Paul,

Almost a year ago now, I put in a formal complaint to The USA Transportation Security Administration, re Qantas Airlines - and the link I sent them in that complaint can be found here, which provides a very large amount of background material.

That complaint has been completely ignored - despite the fact this airline employed baggage handlers like Norman Niass, "Tom" and Easton Barrington James with very serious, long-term criminal histories that pre-dated their employment - and their security manager had known criminal connections that also pre-dated his employment. Qantas is also point blank refuse to acknowledge this, or answer questions about it.

However, since the TSA chose to ignore my serious complaint, it's emerged that Qantas Airlines also carries unscreened luggage - as is fully admitted in Australian Government correspondence here.

Qantas is ignoring this.

Sydney Airport Corporation is ignoring this.

The Australian Government is ignoring this.

The Australian Aviation Safety Authority is ignoring this.

Are you willing to continue this horrific pattern, and put USA citizens at risk too?

Further, as well as the horrific consequences of unscreened explosives, are you willing to allow any of your citizens to suffer the same terrible fate as Australian Schapelle Corby?
So John and Paul, I look forward to hearing from you ASAP, and trust these matters won't be ignored for another year?

Regards, Kim