Monday, November 7, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Journalist Tracey Spicer Hides Government Payments to The Qantas Cocaine Criminal


Dear Tracey,

I noticed your recent, nasty little rant about an ordinary Australian family, and Schapelle - which made me want to puke because of all the inconvenient truths you didn't mention . . . while you were bizarrely trying to portray a 14 year old kid who may have purchased a tiny amount of marijuana (and his suffering family), as big-time crooks.

I think there are much more deserving targets for your venom, but then you wouldn't mention them, would you sweetheart? It's much easier to deride small-time Aussie battlers than powerfully connected organised crime, isn't it?

What about "Tom"? You know, the Sydney Airport Qantas baggage handler (with a criminal record longer than your arm, including the trafficking of marijuana), who was using innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules at the exact time Schapelle flew? You know, the one your bosses also gave a public platform to, while failing to mention the 1.6 million dollars he got from the public purse after he threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police. Though I guess that's OK, because your bosses told me it was perfectly fine. Naturally enough, that paid for his silence, and none of his criminal friends in blue faced the music. That's much much more appropriate for (to quote your headline), a "Made for TV Thriller," wouldn't you say?

Though your silence doesn't surprise me Tracey, because the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions who illegally stole the proceeds of Schapelle's book (and they know it was illegal, because I have a letter from them point-blank refusing to answer these questions), is maintaining his corrupt silence as well - though I did squeeze this appalling admission out of him. Pretty good going for the lowly Qantas baggage handler on twenty bucks an hour who took this photo of his money pile, eh?

And some other facts you prefer not to mention?
  • The Bali drug dealer who sold this child the marijuana is still at large.
  • The Bali scam is well documented in the Lonely Planet Guide to the island. Local drug dealers, in cahoots with corrupt police, intentionally rip-off the assets of unfortunate tourists - which I guess goes a very long to explaining the freedom of the dirtbag who targeted a child. One should also assume that innocence of any drug offence is not enough to deter these organised criminals, as the parents of Australian Michelle Leslie explained to 60 Minutes, after they had to re-mortgage their house.
  • Australian Robert McJannette was also targeted for a fortune by the same crooks, as he graphically explains, here and here.
  • Indonesia deliberately subjects Australians like Schapelle to sentences far in excess of anything given to their own nationals, for the same or similar crimes - and uses that example to blackmail others. It's nothing more than legalised hostage taking, especially as most of the Bali bombers are free, the Indonesian men who decapitated three children on their way to school only got 14 years and the Bali robber who viciously murdered Australian Heidi Murphy only got 15 years.
Regards, Kim