Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Martin Moynihan, Are The Queensland Police Corrupt?


Dear Martin,

Firstly, this is a formal Freedom of Information request relating to all the internal correspondence generated by any and all of my previous complaints (and this current one), please treat it as such.

Secondly, this is a further formal complaint, and formal request for clarification. Please treat it as such.

Both Brendan O'Connor MP and Neil Roberts MP have formally admitted (in writing), that there was no formal investigation by either of their police forces, relating to the Australian source of the marijuana found in Schapelle's bag. Both parties are pointing their finger at the other. Brendan O'Connor says these investigations were the responsibility of the Queensland Police, and his claim is backed up by further correspondence from The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity. So obviously, these claims (and counter claims), need some urgent clarification.

This complete lack of police investigation is quite strange, as there is NO documented commercial flow of marijuana FROM Australia TO Indonesia - and United Nations data confirms this drug was worth around a hundred times more in Australia, than in Bali, at the time Schapelle was accused of smuggling it from here to there. So was this bizarre police disinterest in catching the Australian grower and supplier of 4.2 kilos of marijuana motivated by a need to cover up airport corruption at the highest levels?

So please Martin, can you please answer these urgent two questions for me:

1. Which police force in Australia was formally responsible for investigating the Australian/Queensland grower and supplier of the 4.2 kilos of marijuana found in Schapelle's bag?

2. If the Queensland Police force was responsible (as per O'Connor's and ACLEI's written claims), why didn't these investigations go ahead? And was this core failure corrupt? It's a matter of public record there was no police search of Schapelle's home premises, and no police investigation of her phone and banking records. Who should have carried out these absolutely basic actions?

I would also draw your attention to these pertinent facts:

a. Schapelle had no criminal record, or criminal profile.

b. There is primary evidence of corrupt interference with her luggage after check-in, as her boogie board bag was not added to the airport's computerised luggage handling system, and was (quite illegally), not scanned before it was loaded on to her flight to Indonesia. Every level of Government is (currently), point blank refusing to respond on this matter, despite the grave security implications.

c. The Sydney Airport baggage handlers responsible for "Dealing" with Schapelle's bag (like "Tom," Norman Niass and Easton Barrington James), had long criminal histories that pre-dated their employment.

d. Senior customs source Allan Kessing has unequivocally said Schapelle was the victim of Australian airport corruption.

e. The former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police (Ray Cooper), quite publicly said innocent passengers were routinely used to ferry drugs between domestic airports.

f. Other Australian visitors to Bali have found drugs of unknown origin in their bag.

g. Another innocent Qantas passenger was used as an unwitting drug mule by the same Sydney Airport baggage handlers, during the exact hours Schapelle flew.

h. Mark Standen, the former Assistant Commissioner to the NSW Crime Commission, has just been convicted on very serious drug importation charges. Please note, he was responsible for the surveillance of the criminal Qantas baggage handlers noted above, on the exact day Schapelle flew.

i. There has never been any rational explanation for the complete destruction of every single frame of CCTV (from three Australian airports), from hundreds of cameras, relating to both Schapelle and her luggage.

j. There has never been any explanation for the failure of the Australian Federal Police to use the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act to ensure the forensic testing of the physical evidence.

I look forward to your response Martin, as does the whole World, via the imminent release of the EXPENDABLE documentary and all the associated material. Though I must admit, I expect nothing to very little from you - other than further damning documentation of complicity and cover-up within every Australian institution charged with protecting the public interest. You may also have gathered (by now), that creating this very clear evidence trail is my sole purpose in formally writing to you again.

Regards, Kim