Sunday, November 13, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Of Witches, Mirrors & Magic . . .

. . . metaphorically speaking of course. The Women of Greenham Common knew a thing or two about the wisdom of the Universe. Don't oppose violence and evil, just turn it back in on itself. And one other point, when the sick and twisted create a public witch burning to hide their crimes, it destroys the logic of concealment, because no-one can avert their eyes. The spectacle just goes on and on.

So relating this to the corrupt incarceration of Schapelle, the events of the past few days have proved this wisdom many times over. How? Simple. Duffer's trashy new book of lies about her has had massive exposure, all over Australia, through multiple media outlets - but research shows most people look-up a product on the web before they buy it, and books are one of the most frequently purchased on-line items. But, and here's sting, what's the first link anyone comes comes across when they Google these terms . . .

eamonn duff the sins of the father

. . . hoping to find the product? . . well, it's this one, guiding customers straight through to EXPENDABLE. Wow, who'd have thought it? Massive free publicity for the truth, all on the back of corporate Australia. What a coup . . . As even Duffer said, we've slaughtered his creation.

Welcome to the magical Universe . . . ;-)