Thursday, December 1, 2011

Schapelle Corby - On Love, Power & Beauty

Since becoming involved in this injustice, there's one thing that's never ceased to amaze and puzzle me, why are some people fighting so hard to keep Schapelle where she is, given the continuing smears? What's the big deal?

She's just an ordinary young woman, who could have been any one of us, or anyone of our loved ones, who was swept up in a horror beyond her comprehension. Many people see and understand the terrible corruption that led up to that - but I'm really not interested in it, other than using exposure (if necessary), as a lever to get her home.

Once her feet are back on Australian soil, I will (with very great pleasure), delete this whole blog, never ask another question, and never send another email. My garden is crying out for attention. I also think many other campaigners feel the same. It's amazing what can happen when you just ask nicely.

What's done is done, it cannot be undone - there's no place for hate, no place for recriminations, no place for blame. That's destructive. This is about going forward into the light, into healing and compassion.

And lets' face it, who is to judge? None of us are perfect, and I think the root of all evil is fear. Sometimes people are unkind, callous, greedy, arrogant, corrupt or whatever - but that's their path to learn from. And hopefully, when it's time for them to look into the dark face of mortality and decay (as we all do), that anxious pain will disappear, and they'll realise they're held in the deeply loving heart of the Universe.

So what's the point of wealth, if you have the heart of a frightened pauper - and if a poor man has a soul bursting with joy, love and laughter, tell me, who is the richer? What's life worth, if truth is your enemy? I once found a wallet in the shopping centre car pack, bursting with cash. I never counted it, but it was probably a couple of thousand dollars. If I'd just put it in my pocket, kept the money and walked away, no-one would have known - but I'd have known. And that's the point, I couldn't do it because I knew how I'd feel if it was me. There was a drivers licence in there too, so I found the guy, and took his cash back to him. He was amazed, and very grateful. And I just felt so good, much richer than $2,000 (or so), would have made me.

This is the glue that has enabled our evolution and survival for millions of years - empathy, co-operation and love. It's hard wired into our genes. There's a much deeper past than wars and conflicts, one that was almost edited out of history - and it's the tale of our mutual and joyful inter-dependence.

So anyone who can see what Schapelle is going through, and look the other way, hide the truth and even try to harm her, is living in absolute poverty - whatever their bank balance says