Monday, January 2, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Allegations Against Jailed Ex Top Cop Mark Standen Pursued

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A formal Freedom of Information request to the Australian Federal Police . . .

Good morning,

Leaked documents obtained by The Weekend Australian indicate that as recently as 2006, AFP agents failed to act on allegations by drug bosses, in formal interviews, about Mr Standen.

Leaked documents also indicate that in 2006, AFP agents failed to act on allegations by the late cocaine kingpin Michael Hurley -- who was then facing drugs charges -- about Mr Standen. In March 2006, Hurley alleged during a formal interview with the AFP that the officer -- now awaiting trial on drug charges -- was fabricating evidence against him.

It was not until 14 months later -- according to an AFP statement issued this year -- that the officer was identified by the AFP as a "person of interest" following a tip-off from overseas police on a drug importation plot into Australia.

Hurley, 61, died last year of cancer while awaiting trial for masterminding cocaine smuggling involving baggage handlers at Sydney airport. He made the allegations during an interview with AFP officers attempting to discover who tipped him off in 2005 that he was a target of a joint AFP-NSW Crime Commission investigation.

Can you please supply me with:

The transcripts (and video footage), of all Australian Federal Police interviews with criminals (including Michael Hurley), that mention Mark Standen.

Thank you, Kim

PS - This request also joins a growing list (scroll down). Together, the responses will produce a growing picture whatever the replies are . . . as even silence and avoidance publicly damns . . .