Friday, January 27, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Dodges Hard Questions: An Appeal To The Information Commissioner

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Dear John,

I'm formally appealing this 23 January 2012 decision of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions with you, re my freedom of information request to them, as this DPP letter clearly states they are in receipt of the information I'm seeking, sent to them from the Australian Federal Police. The Commonwealth DPP is point blank refusing to process my request, because he claims (in effect), it's not his concern, which is absurd.

If the Commonwealth DPP wants to formally claim they do not have the information I'm asking for, then a letter similar to the one I recently received from Australian Customs is required. Further still, I have already put a Freedom of Information request to the AFP re this matter (at the same time), and I'm still awaiting their response. However, it's very much in the public interest to ascertain whether or not the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions was also in receipt of core evidence, before he decided to award a violent career criminal over three quarters of a million dollars. I don't think that's unreasonable, given his unprecedented witch hunt against Schapelle.

May I also draw your attention to this fax just sent to Julia Gillard PM, and this half page news ad based on those questions - plus the graphic new documentary that has just been released.

Regards, Kim