Monday, January 23, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Final Proof of Government Cost Cutting: The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum At ACLEI or (in other words), Please Re-Investigate


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Dear Phil,

Re: A formal request for re-investigations, and new investigations - and the embedded links within this correspondence are also part of the evidence I'm submitting.

May I draw your attention to The Whitewash Report, Section "The Strict Limit of Investigations," and also summarise what we have ascertained to date:

1. The Australian Federal Police did NO investigation of Brisbane Domestic Terminal until around six months after Schapelle's arrest, and about four months after they'd received a letter from DFAT which specifically asked for those inquiries to be done.

2. That at no time did they do any investigation into Sydney Domestic or International Terminals, despite a specific request from DFAT for them to do so (post a meeting between Alexander Downer and Schapelle's legal team on 22 Nov 2004).

3. Their much belated "Investigation" of Brisbane Domestic Terminal was without the help of the most basic police tools, e.g. forensic examination of the physical evidence for fingerprints, human DNA, plant source and source of the space bags in which the drugs were wrapped (despite more than adequate legal means to request this information), and without the help of relevant CCTV footage - so what the hell are their documented professional standards, re immediate forensic preservation of CCTV from a crime scene?

4. The bizarre anomalies in Schapelle's case should have alerted them to take the utmost care in this strange incident immediately.

So can you please ascertain whether or not the Australian Federal Police . . .

1. Formally identified and investigated the relatively small number of airport staff, as per this diagram (from this report), who handled Schapelle's bag (e.g. every member of that group).

2. Formally identified and investigated every Sydney Airport baggage handler who may have had contact with Gary McDonald's bag - because it was handled by very much the same crew (extract from page 3 -17), at very much the same time.

3. Formally identified and investigated every Sydney Airport baggage handler who received a cut of this corrupt $300,000 payment.


a) What were the outcomes?

b) If those investigations did not occur, WHY?

Further still, can you please contact and interview journalist Philip Cornford, re his police quote of 5 March 2005, about the known use of innocent drug mules - and . . .
  • Document his police source/s.
  • Interview that/those police source/s.
  • Further investigate and report on the outcomes of those crime investigations.
And even more seriously, can you please investigate whether or not the appalling failure of the Australian Federal Police to investigate Sydney Airport (as documented above), was related to chronic insider corruption at that facility . . .

1. Please ascertain whether or not the frightening inventory losses reported by Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers were ever investigated, because it seems the AFP have no record of these inquiries, and the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department has only just woken up to my further FOI request to them (see paragraph 7). And if they were not formally investigated, can you please find out what the hell was going on?

2. Can you please find out if all of the allegedly corrupt police named by Tom were ever investigated, and if not, why not?

3. Can you please re-interview Tom on this matter, and if he now denies the accusations he made under oath, can you please refer him back to the police and courts, re further investigation for perjury. And re that last link, see Section 9 - points 2 a (i) and 2 b, governing Tom's witness protection. And note, some openly say his inclusion was surrounded by impropriety.

Regards, Kim