Friday, January 6, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Horrific Airline Security Breach: A Formal Freedom of Information Application to The Australian Federal Police


To The Australian Federal Police - CC every member of the Scottish Parliament

Good morning,

This is a formal application for information. Please treat it as such.

As published within The Transit Report at Expendable TV, on 11 July 2005 former Chief of the Australian Federal Police Mick Keelty sent this letter to Michael Taylor at the Dept of Transport & Regional Services, asking him why Schapelle's boogie board bag was not screened before it was loaded on to an international flight to a high risk destination (given the circumstances of the Bali bombings). Mr. Taylor's reply made it quite clear this lack of screening was very irregular, as well as criminal - because, as explained within Australia's Aviation Transport Security Act of 2004 at Regulation 2.18 (on page 15) . . .

Certain airports are required by regulation 4.29 to have specified domestic checked baggage screening (CBS) capability.

Only screened and cleared checked baggage may be loaded onto an aircraft operating international air screened services (see regulation 4.24).

. . . further emphasised at Regulation 4.24 (on page 58) . . .

This regulation obliges the operator of an international screened air service to only load checked baggage that has received clearance. Contravention is an offence of strict liability attracting a maximum penalty of 50 penalty units.

I also note that in regard to the Lockerbie disaster of 1988, lack of screening was identified as a key factor in that terrible tragedy . . .

"The unaccompanied bag was placed on Pan Am 103A, a feeder flight, and was transferred to Flight 103 at Heathrow Airport, outside London. We also established the bags transferred from Pan Am 103A were taken directly from that aircraft to Pan Am 103, and that they were not counted or weighed. Moreover, they were not reconciled with the passenger manifest, and they were not x-rayed at Heathrow."

. . . as well as the criminal background of key airport staff . . .

"We also discovered the man in charge of the ALERT operation in Frankfurt and responsible for the security of Pan Am flights had a criminal record. His hiring practices had more to do with his personal orientation than with any other relevant factor."

And that second quote reminds (very much), of the QANTAS/Alan Conwell security manager debacle, considering the criminals employed by the airline on his "Watch."

So in the light of the above facts, can the Australian Federal Police please supply with all documentation relating to their further investigations into . . .

1. The horrific aviation security breach identified by Michael Taylor, in his direct reply to AFP Chief Mick Keelty.

2. The employment of QANTAS security manager Alan Conwell.

3. The employment of Tom, Norman Niass and Easton Barrington James (considering they were all QANTAS baggage handlers with serious criminal histories at the time in question).

4. Mick Keelty's decision not to inform Schapelle's legal team (at any time), about the illegal treatment of her luggage, once she entrusted it to QANTAS. And in asking this last question, I must admit, I'm very much reminded of this satirical skit from ABC Australia's comedy programme The Chaser.

Regards, Kim