Sunday, January 1, 2012

Schapelle Corby - How Dirty Are The Australian Police?

A formal Freedom of Information request to The Australian Commission for Law Enforce Integrity, relating to allegations of drug trafficking and supply against the ACC and the AFP:

Dear Philip,

On the 1st of November 2007, the Australian newspaper reported that your organisation had received serious allegations against both the ACC and the AFP, in relation to drug trafficking and supply.

Can you you please provide me with:

1. All the documentation your organisation holds in relation to those allegations.

2. Evidence of your interviews with Ray Cooper and Bruce Griffin, as I requested from your organisation in September 2010 . . .
Bruce Griffin (paragraph 21), a former NSW drug squad detective, testified that some local drug traffickers (with the help of airport contacts), use the luggage of innocent passengers to move drug shipments between Australian cities - an accusation also echoed by Ray Cooper, former Chief of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police. Please make sure you talk to both former officers, and retain transcripts of these interviews.
3. All documentation relating to your decision NOT to interview Ray Cooper and Bruce Griffin, if you failed to carry through on that very obvious step.

Regards, Kim

PS - This FOI request now joins all the others, as documented here (scroll down), and it will be updated and circulated as appropriate.

Initial reply from ACLEI (5 Jan 2012) here

Further reply from ACLEI 24 Jan 2012 HERE. They want to charge an ordinary member of the public $2,100 for the information. Here’s my first reply on the same day day, and here’s my second reply. An public appeal to the Information Commissioner, re this blatant attempt to lock up information that’s in the public interest, coming very soon.