Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Keeping Australian Parliamentarians Informed

Click on the image to enlarge and read some core questions to Julia Gillard (that's if the rule of law exists in Australia?). And in the wake of the release of EXPENDABLE THE MOVIE, EXPOSING GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION AND COMPLICITY IN THE JAILING OF AN INNOCENT WOMAN . . . I've just sent all these federal members the info . . . (to start with) . . .

Laura Smyth MP - La Trobe

Rob Mitchell MP - McEwen

Natasha Griggs MP - Solomon

Adam Bandt MP - Melbourne

Andrew Wilkie MP - Denison

John Alexander MP - Bennelong

Joanna Gash MP - Gilmore

Ken Wyatt MP - Hasluck

Russell Matheson MP - Macarthur

Louise Markus MP - Macquarie

Steve Irons MP - Swan

Ross Vasta MP - Bonner

Teresa Gambaro MP - Brisbane

George Christensen MP - Dawson

Peter Dutton MP - Dickson

Ken O'Dowd MP - Flynn

Bert Van Manen MP - Forde

Ewen Jones MP - Herbert

Warren Entsch MP - Leichhardt

Wyatt Roy MP - Longman

Geoff Lyons MP - Bass

Andrew Southcott MP - Boothby

Andrew Laming MP - Bowman

Sid Sidebottom MP - Braddon

Don Randall MP - Canning

Darren Cheeseman MP - Corangamite

Paul Neville MP - Hinkler

Craig Kelly MP - Hughes

Janelle Saffin MP - Page

Bob Baldwin MP - Paterson

Jane Prentice MP - Ryan

Michael Keenan MP - Stirling