Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Missive To Melissa Parke MP

Click on the above image to enlarge & read.

Update 25 Feb 2012 - Here's some graphic You Tube exposure of all the questions the Australian Government has refused to answer for over 7 years.

Dear Melissa,

I note you're the Chair of The Parliamentary Joint Committee on The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity. Please note the questions to Julia Gillard above, because they're going in half-page news ads.

May I also suggest you Google this term . . .


. . . and run you're eyes over the first few links that come up just under their home page? You may also remember my previous correspondence to you - plus (very urgently), I'm specifically drawing your attention to the new feature length movie that exposes a great many things, including ACLEI's gross indifference to obvious corruption.

Google also seems to be taking on the rest of Australian establishment re these matters, as shown here.

Anyway, to keep you informed, here are my three further official complaints to ACLEI . . .

If I've heard nothing four weeks time, I'll send them formal reminders (circulated). I assume those important matters will be formally acknowledged?

Regards, Kim