Monday, January 9, 2012

Schapelle Corby - An Open Letter To Rip Open The Gates of Justice

An open letter to Philip Boulten SC and Peter Hamill QC

Good morning,

I note Peter Hamill QC is representing Gilbert Gideon in 2012.

May I suggest to you both that the bizarre and ongoing reluctance of the establishment to acknowledge the glaring corruption in this case is very closely related the high profile jailing of Schapelle Corby, and the huge consequences of exposure.

Gilbert Gedeon was convicted on the evidence of a Sydney International Airport/QANTAS baggage handler (Tom), who was involved in using other innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules during the exact hours she flew. In fact, I believe the cocaine Gedeon is accused of buying was smuggled into the country on the very day in question. But quite bizarrely, despite the pursuit of Gedeon, those baggage handlers engaged in much more serious crime (given the horrific implications), were never arrested or charged.

Further, I believe "Tom" should be charged with perjury - because he either lied to the court in March 2006, or he lied to Channel 10 in 2011 (frame 0.57 to 1.28). Which was it? Further, I believe his inclusion in the Witness Protection Programme breached many core points of the act, given that he failed to fully disclose his criminal history before he was granted immunity - and given the seriously violent nature of his offences (as discussed in this recent article).

So how the hell does "Tom" earn his living now? Does he have a licence to kill? What protection does the community have from his further criminal acts? What continuing supervision is he under? These are all very serious questions.

I would also draw you attention to these multiple, relevant FOI requests (with more in the pipeline), and the coming documentary via EXPENDABLE.TV (due for release very soon). I will keep you updated as they progress.

Regards, Kim