Friday, January 13, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Shining A Thousand Spotlights & Making A Permanent On-Line Record

Dear Tony and Christopher,

Re: Freedom of Information Requests to your departments

I've just received some of your initial replies, and placed them on-line. Here's how you can access that correspondence.

Chris, scroll down here until you come to the picture of the criminal in a balaclava posing behind a massive pile of cash - and Tony, scroll down here too, until you come to the front page newspaper photo "Top Cop Busted in Ice Cartel," as well scrolling to the picture of Mick Keelty in a group of clowns. You'll find your latest letters posted beside the relevant graphics.

And can I remind you Tony that your department has not (as yet), responded to many other important requests of mine, and I look forward to hearing back in a timely fashion. If you scroll down that page, it may act as useful reminder.

Further, that page will function as a very useful public resource, as an overall (and easily accessible), picture is produced - because let me assure you, I will pursue any blocking of information as far as humanly possibly, publicly documented and distributed every single step of the way.

Regards, Kim