Friday, February 24, 2012

Schapelle Corby - 34 Explosive Questions The Australian Government Refuse To Answer

Graphic and emotional footage just uploaded to You Tube HERE.

Link also prominently added to all the Women for Schapelle blog posts hi-lited in these Google blog searches (at or extremely near the top of the first page), re the Federal seats of . . .

Robertson (Google blog search)

Moreton (Google blog search)

Greenway (Google blog search)

Lindsay (Google blog search)

Petrie (Google blog search)

Deakin (Google blog search)

Banks (Google blog search)

Corangamite (Google blog search)

Bass (Google blog search)

With a lot more in the pipeline . . .

Plus a link to this new You Tube footage was added to Schapelle Links, which appears at the top of every Women for Schapelle blog post.