Sunday, February 19, 2012

Schapelle Corby - ACLEI, Investigate The Weapons Losses Reported By Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers

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Dear Philip,

Please investigate the horrific loss of Government weapons at Australian airports, as reported by Senior Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, as well as the loss (shredding?), of vital documentation that the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department now (quite bizarrely), claims it doesn't have.

The Australian Federal Police have just formally admitted there was no investigation into these losses, ditto the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department. That's completely unacceptable to any sane Australian.

You can start by interviewing his family members, plus former NSW Police Officer Deborah Locke - and Whistleblowers Australia.

May I also bring these formal questions to your attention (re this serious failure), recently sent to Julia Gillard - and as just advertised (three times), in Deborah O'Neill MP's Federal electorate, in this local newspaper (see page three). This grave issue is also hi-lited in this flyer, strategically distributed as described here.

Regards, Kim