Sunday, February 19, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Allen & Unwin and The Sydney Morning Herald Promote Outright Lies

Update 28 Feb 2012 - Eamon Duff & his publisher to be sued. More info here

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Good morning Patrick and Amanda,

Re: A formal complaint about your heavy promotion of this book.

I note Amanda's completely ignored this formal correspondence, and Patrick's completely ignored this formal correspondence (for many months), even though a simple Google search on any of these four terms (directly relating to yourselves), now prominently displays direct evidence of the lies you've promoted.

Can you both please get back to me ASAP, to explain the retractions you will now (without doubt), be publishing - in the light of this dramatic new development. I also very much hope David McHugh sues the pants off of both you - as well as suing Eamonn Duff directly.

Regards, Kim