Sunday, February 5, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Australian Crime Commission, Dumb & Dumber

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Here's my Freedom of Information request to The Australian Crime Commission of 28 December 2011, and here's their really, really avoidant response of 31 January 2012. So here's my further reply to the ACC . . .

Dear Kylie,

Does the Australian Crime Commission put any resources into detecting cocaine exports from Australia to Columbia? Have any Australians ever been arrested for that crime? Do you spend money training your staff how to detect that offence? No? Now why would that be?

So you want to me clarify this Freedom of Information request? 99% of Australians would (I guess), understand those questions perfectly - because Australian Customs did. So why are you having trouble with something that's obvious to most sane individuals?

Here are some clues . . .

Marijuana price data from The United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime

The final verdict from Australian Customs.

Have you got the picture yet? Or is it that giving me a reply similar to the one from Australian Customs is just too damn embarrassing, given the circumstances?

So I'll ask you again. I want information on . . .

1. Any Australians who have ever been arrested (over the last 15 years), trying to export a traffickable amount of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Indonesia - and the associated police investigation/s.

2. Any known Australian criminal syndicates (over the last 15 years), who's main "Business" is exporting marijuana FROM Australia, TO Indonesia - and the associated police investigation/s.

3. Any staff training materials pertaining to detecting the above two activities.

And if the above information simply doesn't exist, because no Australian criminal is dumb enough to lose many thousands of dollars in the transaction, could you simply put that in writing please?

Regards, Kim