Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Australian Federal Police Can Run, But They Can't Hide

The Australian Federal Police are running away from public accountability, but it won't help them - because one way or another, at some point, they have to respond to key Freedom of Information requests. Further (as no doubt they've figured out), the whole point of the exercise is to expose them - in other words, no matter what they do, they can't avoid scrutiny. If and when they finally turn down core FOI inquiries, their actions will (indelibly), be on the public record for further action - and publicly advertised in news ads.

Here's evidence of their avoidance, received to-day, and here's what they're running away from . . .
  • This FOI request, relating to serious allegations made by their former Head of Internal investigations, Ray Cooper.
  • This FOI request, relating to their failure to use the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, to ensure forensic testing of the physical evidence, as further documented here.
So I spoke to the Office of the Information Commissioner to-day, and said yes, give the AFP a further 60 days to respond. Who cares? What's that old saying? Give a man enough rope and he'll hang himself? So boys, have a few feet more . . .

PS - And I further drew the attention of the Information Commissioner to the AFP's blatant and illegal failure to acknowledge this key FOI request re the $750,000 payment (plus), they authorised to a violent criminal. He said that complaint would be actioned as a matter of importance.