Thursday, February 23, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Australia's Grubby Little Secret in Kerobokan Jail, Bali

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News is pouring in from around the World about the hell on earth now erupting in Kerobokan Jail, Bali - the chronic cesspit.

So it's a good time to alert the Globe to the despicable secret the Australian Government's hiding there. Here's the explosive new documentary that blows the whistle on the incarceration of an innocent young Australian woman, Schapelle Corby, and the complicity and deceit of her own country.

Here's the flyers.

Here's the recent half page news ads (scroll through to page three), in one of the Governments most marginal seats.

Here's the damning words of Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police.

Here's what happened to Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers when he tried to blow the whistle on this airport corruption. RIP Gary, a very brave and honourable man.

Here's what happened to an honest customs officer when he tried to tell the truth, and here's his damning words about Schapelle's case.

Here's a recent letter from Australian customs, proving a flow of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali does not exist, and never has - for very obvious economic reasons.