Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Fact Links from the Flyer

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“The Australian Federal Police have in the past failed to properly investigate allegations of drug trafficking at airports because serving police officers have been involved in the practice, a former senior AFP detective claims. Ray Cooper, former head of operations for the AFP's internal investigations, told the Nine Network it was well known by the AFP that unwitting passengers were being used as `mules' to shift drugs between Australian domestic airports.” “AFP involved in drug smuggling: ex-detective,” Sydney Morning Herald, 8 May 2005

The facts are shocking . . .

None of the QANTAS baggage handlers at Sydney International Airport who helped to import 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004 were ever arrested or charged. They had long, pre-existing criminal histories (such as "Tom," Easton Barrington James and Norman Niass), and were routinely using innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules. However, baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport (London), engaged in very much the same activity went down for 20 years at the hands of the UK Police.

One of these Sydney Airport workers was given $1.6 million of public money when he threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police, plus complete indemnity, as well as an all-expenses paid trip to Switzerland carrying the proceeds of 3 kilos of cocaine. After this, none of the allegedly corrupt police were investigated.

After Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers blew the whistle on the many Government firearms (and other dangerous equipment), that went “Missing” at Sydney International Airport, he ended up dead (as he predicted). But none of the frightening losses he reported were ever investigated.

Schapelle’s boogie board bag was illegally diverted from the required x-ray screening by corrupt insiders after she checked it in. Although this information was known at Ministerial level at the time, it was deliberately withheld from both Schapelle and her legal team.

On check-in, the collective weight of Schapelle’s luggage (including that of her travelling companions), was 60 kilos - which was the correct limit for the group, therefore no excess baggage was paid. But QANTAS later recorded a weight of 65 kilos, despite zero evidence of a penalty payment on check-in.

And here’s more . . .

Every frame of airport CCTV that Schapelle begged for, from four terminals covered by hundreds of cameras, went “Missing.”

Although she begged for forensic testing of the physical evidence (for finger-prints, human DNA and plant source), her requests were refused without explanation - and everything was burnt by the Bali police.

Schapelle had no criminal record or profile, and tested negative for drugs.

United Nations data proves marijuana was selling on the streets of Bali for around 40 cents a gram at the time - while in Australia, it was going for over $40 a gram. Australian Customs also confirm a “Flow” of this drug FROM Australia, TO Bali does not exist, for this very obvious economic reason.

Schapelle - More frightening facts.

“JUST 13 of the 70 terrorists convicted over the Bali bombings and the Australian embassy attack are still in jail. The three atrocities killed a total of 238 people, including 95 Australians, and wounded hundreds more.” Herald Sun, 16 June 2010

The longest term ever given to an Indonesian for a similar amount of marijuana is 5 years.

One Indonesian national found with nearly 40 times as much as Schapelle (he had 161 kilos), got just 10 years.

Two Indonesian men who hacked off the heads of three children on their way to school in 2005 got just 14 years.

The Bali robber who stabbed a young Australian woman 37 times, including through the heart and kidneys, got just 15 years, because the Bali judge said he didn’t “Mean” to kill her.

A drug dealing Bali prison boss, Mohammad Sudrajat, was sentenced to just 4 years in 2008.

Corrupt Indonesian officials, jailed for their crimes, routinely take “Holidays” from prison.