Saturday, February 11, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Freedom of Information Request Re Newspaper Lies

A formal Freedom of Information Request, lodged with:

The Australian Federal Police

The South Australian Police

The Queensland Police

The New South Wales Police

CC - Australia's Media Inquiry & Nick Davies, Guardian journalist

Good morning,

As per these claims by this Sydney Morning Herald journalist, can you you please supply me with any and all sworn statements by any persons claiming Michael Corby Snr was involved in smuggling drugs to Bali, from Australia.

I also note providing a false sworn statement is an offence equivalent to perjury, and punishable by up to four years imprisonment, as also described here.

I also note these alleged statements contradict . . .
  • Multiple previous press reports, including this one quoting Colonel Bambang Sugiarto (Head of the Bali police investigation), who was completely unaware of any ongoing "Flow" of marijuana from Australia, to Bali (thus backing up the recent letter from Australian Customs, above).
Regards, Kim