Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Grave Promise To Kevin Rudd

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Here's what Kevin Rudd said in 2005 - to-day, as the prison Schapelle is dying in goes up in flames, he completely ignores her and her family. He ignores direct questions, he ignores the unprecedented Government corruption hi-lited in a graphic new documentary that's all over the web, and he ignores the questions in half-page news ads (scroll to page 3), circulated Deborah O'Neill's electorate three times, and soon going to many more places.

Well here's a promise for you Kevin, as I explained to your local electorate officer this morning (literally just up the road from myself), we're coming - and we're sitting on your doorstep, and we're not going until you get Schapelle out and answer ALL the damn questions!!!!!!! And please remember the seeds of Greenham, all it took was a few women just standing their ground (or rather, sitting their ground), and it created a vortex of power that drew in the World.