Friday, February 3, 2012

Schapelle Corby - John McMillan, Australian Information Commissioner, Still A Useless, Toothless Dog Of Shame

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Dear John,

I note that in over 7 weeks, you have still not actioned or investigated my serious complaint of 14 December 2011, re a Freedom of Information request to the Australian Federal Police, that they point blank refused to respond to - despite the fact Australian Customs replied to exactly the same request in an appropriate manner. Please get on and do your job, because I'll now send you a public reminder every week until you do.

I also note you were completely unable to challenge the disgraceful decision of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to sidestep responsibility for awarding a violent, criminal QANTAS baggage handler over three quarters of a million dollars.

It's also worth reminding the Australian public that you used to be the Commonwealth Ombudsman, where (it appears), you did an equally substandard job - as graphically and musically documented by Al Wilson, and as explained in this new documentary.

Regards, Kim