Sunday, February 26, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Monday 27 Feb 2012, Woman's Day Continue to Censor The Truth

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Update Tuesday 6 March 2012 - Fiona Connolly's staff slam the phone down on the truth about the criminal interference with Schapelle's bag after check-in.

Update Fri 2 March 2012 - I note after blocking all reader commentary on this article all week, a number were finally added to-day, five days after the article was published, and five days after it went on-line.

Update Thurs 1 March 2012 - The reader backlash against Woman's Day

Update Wed 29 Feb 2012 - Just rang Fiona Connolly's office, to ask why not a single reader comment has been added to this article (including the one I submitted above), and her staff weren't able to give a rational explanation. They said their web editor, Katrina, would be in on Friday, so I said I'd give her a call then - and I also left a message for her (including my phone number).

Here's the first page of the current Google search returns for Woman's Day

Dear Fiona,

Here's the first page of your current (personal) search results on Google, as you can see, this Women for Schapelle blog post is very prominent on your returns (now updated with a link to this current commentary) - so have you been living under a rock not to notice it, and the explosive information about the insider corruption that condemned an innocent woman? Or is that that your corporate bosses are loathe to spill the beans, given their close connections to Indonesia? Your "Aussie" mag isn't quite as "Aussie" as it seems, is it Fiona - given you're also refusing to mention the gross discrimination inflicted by a foreign power on an Australian citizen. A country that freed the bombers and murderers who slaughtered our tourists with a slap on the wrist.

However, I do note that (once more), Schapelle is on the front cover of a magazine seen by almost a million Australian women every week, which proves yet again (I guess), you can burn a witch, but you can never extinguish the public's fascination with the spectacle. She sells, doesn't she sweetheart?

Anyway, I called your office to-day about this gross censorship, but you were "In a meeting," and no-one else was able to offer the slightest explanation for your publication's huge omissions, your staff didn't have a clue - and didn't know anyone who did. So here's some background for you Fiona . . . .

Your silence is outed in graphic news-ads (scroll to page three).

Your silence is outed in flyers.

Your silence is outed on the net - here's a graphic example.

Your silence will be outed in election posters.

And your silence will also be outed in the next rip-roaring best seller.

Regards, Kim