Saturday, February 25, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Questions to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Official Human Rights Advocate for The Australian Greens

 Click on the image to enlarge and read - also see this explosive graphic about the Lockerbie aviation disaster, and this one, re how the Greens are ignoring their own policies.

Addit - 11 July 2012, Senator Sarah Hanson Young's staff send an email formally saying she intends to do nothing about any of these issues.

Dear Sarah,

I note your formal portfolio includes human rights, as described here, and you've been very active in advocating for the rights of Indonesian nationals in Australian prisons, incarcerated for mandatory periods of 5 years - 15 years less than the term Indonesia imposed on an Australian national, Schapelle Corby, for 4.2 kilos of marijuana. Even so, I agree Indonesians forced by poverty and circumstance into this situation, small time players in the overall picture, should not face such harsh consequences - so I have no problem backing your stance.

But I have a very big problem with your hypocrisy and blindness - and may I also remind you are funded by Australian tax-payers to protect the rights of Australians. So by all means, speak out on abuses of human rights wherever they are found - but not before you've spoken out on the abuse of Australians, and not while you're blanking the abuse of Australians, such as Schapelle. You have completely ignored every single email, fax and letter sent to you on this matter, for months and months on end. You haven't even provided the courtesy of an acknowledgement. What's the matter Sarah, isn't Schapelle "Fashionable" in your circle?

Schapelle's sentence was 4 times higher than the highest term ever imposed on an Indonesian, for a similar amount of marijuana - and twice as high as the term imposed on an Indonesian man found with 161 kilos of marijuana (40 times more than the amount found in Schapelle's bag), as explained by her Indonesian lawyer, in a fax to John Howard, which he ignored.

It was also 6 years longer than the term imposed on Indonesian terrorists who helped to de-capitate three children on their way to school, and 5 years longer than the term imposed on the Bali robber who murdered a young Australian woman with 37 deep knife wounds. It's also much, much longer than the term imposed on most of the Bali bombers - as the majority are already free.

Further, her trial in Bali contravened both Indonesian law, and international legal standards set by the United Nations, as explained in detail here - she is also (to this day), routinely abused by her captors.

The Indonesian court demanded she had to prove her innocence, as shown in Judge Sirait's bizarre statements, which as you know, completely trashes every known standard of criminal justice.

The court then went on refuse forensic testing of the physical evidence (after gross mishandling by the court), and ordered it's destruction by fire, so it could never be introduced into a further appeal - despite expert testimony that plant material can be successfully be tested, even years later.

The only "Evidence" against Schapelle (used in her conviction), was the uncorroborated word of police and customs officers - otherwise known as "Verballing." They didn't even speak English, refused to weigh her luggage on arrival (to compare it with her check-in weight), and trashed every frame of CCTV relating to her arrest and interrogation - despite the fact there is no flow of of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali, and there never has been (for very obvious economic reasons). This is also confirmed by Australian Customs and numerous press reports.

Though I guess you might complain if Australia treated an Indonesian that way, eh Sarah?

You might also want to speak out on the human rights of murdered Senior Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, and support my current complaint to ACLEI re his issues (which they're ignoring) - as well as the human rights of Senior Customs Officer Allan Kessing. Here's what Allan Kessing has to say about Schapelle.

Then of course, what about the human right of Australians not to be used as innocent drug mules (as also commented on by Senior AFP Officer Ray Cooper), because none of the QANTAS baggage handlers involved in that crime were ever arrested or charged?

Then Sarah, if you think you can spare a bit of time out from your overseas advocacy to help an Australian, you might what check out this damning new documentary.

Regards, Kim