Thursday, March 29, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Another Reminder About Corruption Questions to Gillard, Clare & O'Neill

Click on the picture above, to read comments about border corruption & (posted 30 March 2012), on the Facebook page of Deborah O'Neill MP's local press.

This FAX containing urgent questions (related to border corruption), was sent to you (and Deborah O'Neill MP), over 8 weeks ago - and a reminder was sent over 4 weeks ago, with another one over 2 weeks ago. There is still complete silence from your office, you have not even acknowledged them - and in the current circumstances, these are very grave and serious questions.

Please respond, because more ads in Deborah's local press are coming (scroll to page three). I will continue to send you a public reminder every two weeks (and post pointed Facebook comments in strategic places), until you do.

Regards, Kim