Thursday, March 8, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Australian Crime Commission Has A Bad Case of Head In Arse Disease: An Appeal To The Information Commissioner

Dear John,

Re: A formal appeal against a decision of the ACC

On 28 December 2011, I sent a simple Freedom of Information request to the Australian Crime Commission, asking them about international drug flows, e.g. is there (or has there ever been), regular illicit exports of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Indonesia. That's hardly rocket science, and a question any sane person would expect that agency to answer with ease, considering their stated role. But no.

On 31 Jan 2012 they sent me this avoidant response, so on 5 February 2012 I appealed that bizarre decision - but on 27 February 2012 they turned me down again.

May I suggest to you this embarrassing performance is related to a reality they're loathe to face e.g. as recently confirmed by Australian Customs, there is no illicit flow of marijuana from Australia, to Indonesia - but in the circumstances of Schapelle's conviction, that's too damn distasteful for them to put in writing.

I demand if they have NO data supporting the alleged "Flow" I'm investigating, then they do the job they're paid to do (with my tax dollars), and send me a letter saying that, as Australian Customs have.

A search for "Indonesia" on their site yields zero results, and a search for "marijuana" yields this paltry result, with this key report of their's on cannabis making NO mention of Australia "Exporting" marijuana anywhere. That's also clearly confirmed on pages 79 (from "Herbal cannabis market in Oceania") to page 81, of this United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Report, Review of The World Cannabis Situation. Hardly surprising, in light of the economics.

And may I also point out if they're loathe to fess up to me on this matter, then maybe they might prefer to be questioned (under oath), on this issue by a barrister? That's a distinct possibility - because this gentleman (David McHugh), was accused by Sydney Morning Herald journalist Eamonn Duff (who also interviews dead people), of exporting marijuana from Australia, to Bali - which he vigorously denies, and legal action against those false allegations is very much on the cards.

Regards, Kim