Friday, March 2, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Bob Carr & Indonesia

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A letter to Bob Carr . . .

Congratulations on your new appointment Bob, let's hope you can do a lot better than the dead wood.

Just thought you might like the latest updates on Schapelle . . . as I noted your recent comments about Indonesia in this breaking news interview, and she's still on the front covers of the mags (out Mon 27 Feb 2012), because she sells.

There's a scorching new movie blowing the whistle, that many thousands more people are seeing all over the net - and a constant and repeated Facebook campaign, supported by a huge group of people.

There's graphic half-page newspaper ads (scroll to page three), in your most marginal seats, with many more on the way.

Your candidates are outed by Women for Schapelle blog posts on the first page of their Google search returns - and even more graphically on Google image search, along with quite a few other leading lights.

There's the super glue campaign . . . as election posters disappear beneath the truth.

There's the flyer campaign . . . where it hurts the most. I even had an anonymous tip some activists were targeting Chermside Shopping Centre this weekend, eh Wayne . . . Mr. 3.2%

There's legal action . . . against a number of parties, re this recent publication.

There's a domain campaign . . .

There's an ongoing Freedom of Information campaign . . .

And finally, Australia's about to meet the Wrath of Themis on the international stage . . .

Regards, Kim