Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Schapelle Corby, Gina Rinehart & Fairfax Media

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Hi Gina,

I hear you're worth a bob or two, and want to gain a bit of influence by buying into Fairfax media - so tell me, why don't you dial up and order a couple of sacks of credibility with the readers, because you'll need them (and more). What's the problem though? Doesn't that commodity have a price, can't you just pull it off the shelf? How an earth does that happen, in the World of people who know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing?

Here's the lies and cover-up Fairfax promotes - and here's the truth Fairfax refuses to report, every sentence backed up with irrefutable evidence, as also recently pointed out to the international justice community.

The sales of Schapelle's last book went through the roof, and the next one will explode even more - at which point, you can can kiss the corporate reputation goodbye . . . as well as pot loads of money, because of the outright fabrications.

BTW, here's the Google search results for a key Fairfax editor, and note the Women for Schapelle blog post half way up her first page - ditto another SMH journo here, with this blog post very prominent on his first page, then another so-called "Senior" SMH journo gets it in the neck, with an appalling Google search result like this - and this is the first link anyone comes across (via a Google search), when they look for the twit's new book. Not a good image, is it?

Regards, Kim

PS - And this blog post is on the first Google search page of the SMH's so-called "Reader editor."