Monday, March 19, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Graphic Message To The Lowy Institute

Click on the image to enlarge & read. Downloadable poster here.

Dear Frank,

I note there's quite a few ads about this issue hanging round your shopping centres here and in the UK - so here's a note to tell you about a few more.

I see The Lowy Institute has its knickers in a twist about Australia's relationship with the most corrupt nation in SE Asia - and you'll have a few more reasons to worry if the banksters don't get off their well cushioned behinds and start thinking about something other than their next acquisition. Acting like mature, adult men willing to correct one of their most God-almighty stuff ups would be a start.

The poster above will grace the press in Darren's Federal seat, as well as several others of interest to both sides of politics - and feature in exhibitions up and down the country. I also explained this to Josh Frydenberg MP quite recently.

They can't run from reality forever Frank - "Rich men"? Don't make me laugh. They live in squalor and poverty, because not a single one of them has had the guts, the integrity or the compassion to do the right thing.

Regards, Kim