Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Is Senator Bob Brown Complicit in Covering Up Major Media Criminality?

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This missive "Kills two birds with one stone," e.g. it's a formal freedom of information request to Australia's Federal Media Inquiry, plus some direct words to Senator Bob Brown.

Firstly, the FOI request . . .

Can you please supply me with all the correspondence and evidence submitted to you by long-time private investigator Col Chapman, plus transcripts of your interviews with this gentleman - as I assume Justice Raymond Finkelstein would have insisted on that? Unless (of course), Finkelstein's no Leveson? (though maybe we can take that as a given?)

Now my missive to Bob . . .

Bob, you're a disgrace - you knew all about Col Chapman's serious criminal allegations, because they were sent to you some time ago, and followed up with phone calls to your office. You were also given information about about the serious (and ongoing), media abuse of Schapelle, and their shameful campaign of smear and lies. You did sweet FA, you ignored it completely, and turned your face the other way. I even sent you my submission to Australia's media inquiry about these dreadful matters. Where did that go Bob? Into the waste paper basket, along with all the other stuff you haven't got the guts to speak out about?

Now you're preening yourself all over the media, claiming "Credit" for what (as you well know), is nothing more than an exercise in futility and cover-up. And one other thing Bob, please get on the phone to Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, she has responsibility for "Human rights" within your party. She's ignoring my questions, and I want a response - and I'm not going to stop contacting either you (or her), until I get a written reply. Because if you're going to do nothing, I will personally ensure you enshrine that position in writing.

Regards, Kim