Sunday, March 18, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Josh Frydenberg Waxes Lyrical About Indonesia, But Here Are The Facts

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Josh Frydenberg's article here. Expendable The Movie here. Text about Schapelle with background news/evidence links here:

At the same time, how many Australians know Indonesia sentenced an Australian woman to a term 4 times higher than any given to one of their own citizens for exactly the same crime (possession of 4.2 kilos of marijuana), twice as high as an Indonesian man found with 40 times as much (161 kilos) - and 5 times higher than a drug-dealing Bali prison boss? How many Australians know the Indonesian men who hacked the heads off of three children got far less time than Schapelle, as did the Bali robber who slaughtered an Australian woman with 37 deep knife wounds, and most of the Bali bombers (most are already free, as per Australian press reports of June 2010)? And how many Australians know about the corrupt nature of the Bali trial that sentenced an innocent woman to 20 years in hell, with no evidence?