Saturday, March 10, 2012

Schapelle Corby, QANTAS & The Wisdom of George Lakoff

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Briefly, denying Schapelle's "Guilt" frames the debate on "Guilt" - because even when you're denying a "Frame," you're evoking it. So let's turn our backs on a poisoned frame not of our choosing

It's possible to discuss the subject without even mentioning Schapelle to begin with - simply by "Framing" the debate around the "Guilt" of QANTAS. Let's see those b***ards forced to come out with denials - because even in "Denying" their guilt (which is is pretty hard anyway, considering the overwhelming evidence), they'll evoke thoughts of the accusation.

And while it's true (as expendable very rightly points out), the criminality goes way beyond one corporation, and right into the heart of Government itself, QANTAS is the weak link. It's QANTAS that has instant recognition on the Global stage - and QANTAS that has to sell itself.

So, let's go after them with Facebook . . .

Let's go after them with posters . . .

Let's go after them with bumper stickers . . .

. . . and let's go after them with blogs.