Monday, March 5, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Lindy Chamberlain & The International Justice Conference

Current petition for Schapelle here, please sign and distribute.

Dear Rubin,

It's really wonderful to see in you in Australia at the International Justice Conference, and I note your message. I'd be there to shake your hand - but I live on the other side of the country.

I'm writing to you about two major and very shameful omissions from the panel - Schapelle Corby and Mercedes Corby. It's Australia's dirty little secret, and one of the most high-profile court cases the nation has ever witnessed. The fascination never dies.

Schapelle can't come because she's dying in a Bali hell for a crime she didn't commit - sentenced to 20 years in October 2004, for possession of 4.2 kilos of marijuana that wasn't hers, found in her luggage on arrival in that country (after flying there from Australia). And Mercedes Corby (Schapelle's sister), can't come as the "Great and Good" of this country have deliberately excluded her, because she carries a dangerous truth. In fact, the truth is so dangerous, not a single corporate news outlet has reported the damning new evidence that proves Schapelle's innocence beyond a shadow of doubt. Though admittedly, Australia's media is the most narrowly owned in the World - Fairfax and Murdoch control most of the game.

Lindy Chamberlain knows all about it, because she spoke out once. And the similarities don't end there. Baby killing dingoes aren't good for business, as Lindy's ex-husband Michael forcefully pointed out - and in Schapelle's case, drug-smuggling QANTAS baggage handlers are extremely bad for the national airline, and the Australian Government.

Please take the time to watch this damning new documentary - then consider these facts . . .
  • Most of the Bali bombers who killed and maimed hundreds in 2002 are already free.
  • The Indonesian men who beheaded three children got less time than Schapelle, as did the Bali robber who knifed a young Australian woman to death with 37 deep wounds.
  • Schapelle sentence for 4.2 kilos of marijuana was unprecedented in Indonesia, and hugely exceeded all previous terms for similar (or more serious), drug offences.
  • Her trial in Bali did not conform to either Indonesian Law, or United Nations standards.
  • The Australian police completely failed (without explanation), to investigate whether or not Schapelle had any drug connections in Australia. They did not search her home (or vehicle), nor did they investigate her phone and banking records. When directly confronted with this, all Government ministers avoided the question and shifted the blame.
  • Other innocent Australian tourists to Bali nearly found themselves in the same predicament as Schapelle.
  • It was well known that criminal baggage handlers were regularly using innocent airline passengers as unwitting drug mules to ferry drugs between domestic airports - as more fully explained by the former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police (Ray Cooper), here. Further, Schapelle flew on the 8 October 2004 - and the same baggage handlers who "Dealt" with her luggage used another innocent passenger as an unwitting drug mule on the same day.
  • Senior Customs Officer Allan Kessing says that, without a doubt, Schapelle is the innocent victim of airport corruption - even though Mr. Kessing was terribly victimised by the Australian Government for speaking out.
  • The notion of Schapelle successfully smuggling 4.2 kilos of relatively unconcealed, stinking marijuana through three Australian airports is completely bizarre.
  • However, "Tom" was good friends with the former Assistant Commissioner of the NSW Crime Commission, Mark Standen, who was running "Operation Mocha" at Sydney International Airport on the day Schapelle flew. Standen is now in jail for drug importation, via a much later (unrelated), police operation.
  • Schapelle's bag was deliberately diverted from the required x-ray screening (after check-in), by corrupt insiders. The Australian Government knew this at the time of Schapelle's trial, but deliberately withheld the information from her. Crucial information about the weight of her luggage after check-in was also withheld.
  • In essence, Schapelle was "Verballed" by Indonesian officials who did not even speak English.
  • Schapelle was also convicted of "Trafficking" without a shred of evidence to support this charge.
  • All complaints to the correct Australian authorities about the very obvious corruption in this case have met a brick wall - and legitimate Freedom of Information requests have been obstructed, and continue to be blocked.
So Rubin, I hope you can speak to the event organisers (and other participants), about this crucial omission - because I certainly will be.

Warm regards, Kim