Thursday, March 8, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Some Government Departments Are Too Dumb Realise They're ALREADY Trussed Like Turkeys: An Appeal To The Information Commissioner

Dear John,

The Australian Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions paid a criminal Qantas baggage handler over three quarters of a million dollars after he threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police - and here's a picture the "Gentleman" took of his cash haul for using innocent Qantas passengers as unwitting drugs mules (at Sydney International Airport), on the day Schapelle flew.

Now, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions claims this Qantas baggage handler (on award wages), came by the money pile (that they gave him), "Legitimately." Excuse me for a moment, while I take a couple of seconds to pick myself off the floor, after cracking up at this rather black humour . . .

However, the Commonwealth DPP is point blank refusing to provide any evidence to the Australian public re the "Source" of this cash, which is completely unacceptable in any democratic society.

Firstly, they point blank refused to respond to this Freedom of Information request on the matter, by saying it wasn't their concern - and now they've point blank refused to respond to this revised Freedom of Information request.

I'm appealing that decision, and asking you to peruse the information they have just refused to release, so you can determine how this crucial information can be released to the public, in order to satisfy legitimate public concerns re the (very likely), criminal origin of these monies - whilst also preserving the identity and whereabouts of this man (even though he's extremely cavalier about this himself).

And one other key point John - the answer to these questions is in some senses irrelevant, because the Australian Federal Police and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions are already trussed like proverbial turkeys, by clearly showing they can't answer them. And this further missive to you on the matter just tightens the string.

Regards, Kim