Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Schapelle Corby - This Is a Direct & Unequivocal Threat (And Promise) To Jason Clare MP

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Dear Jason,

This is an open promise (and threat), to you and your Government, post your disgusting comments here to-day. Please take it as such.

This half page news ad was recently placed in Deborah O'Neill's local electorate, in this local newspaper (scroll through to page three). But despite this, Gillard's still blanking the questions. So many more ads are coming, strategically placed to cause you the most electoral damage - along with flyers, posters, election signs, merchandising and public exhibitions (both formal and informal). Then of course, there's the ongoing Facebook campaign, exposing the truth to millions - and the scorching new documentary about the corruption you're covering up is all over the web.

And for the record, here are some current (very serious), complaints about corruption that ACLEI is point blank ignoring:

. . . they have not even acknowledged those requests, despite my email to Melissa Parke MP about them, and numerous phone calls to the organisation in the interim. Plus here's the evidence of their previous whitewash, very prominent on the first page of their Google search returns.

Regards, Kim