Friday, March 2, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Time to Sue The Spectator Magazine & Caroline Overington?

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Dear Fraser,

Does your publication have deep pockets? It may need them. I note in this article, you (without reservation), call Australian Dave McHugh a "Drug dealer," and openly imply he was involved in smuggling drugs FROM Australia, TO Bali . . .
Just two weeks after Corby was arrested in Bali, the above-named dealer, McCauley, and another Adelaide drug dealer, Dave McHugh, flew to Bali to see Schapelle, becoming two of very few people allowed to catch up with her in Kerobokan.
What evidence do you have for that direct statement about Dave McHugh? Because it's an accusation he vigorously denies, so much so he's launching legal action.

I also note the very deep irony of Caroline Overington calling Schapelle "Plate stupid" . . .
And it’s impossible to read without feeling some sympathy for Schapelle, who is either plate-stupid for agreeing to such a mad enterprise or has been shopped down the river by kin.
. . . because may I suggest it's Caroline who is a thick as two short planks, firstly for openly accusing a living person of crimes (drug dealing/exportation), when she has zero evidence for those bold statements - and secondly, for believing Australian criminals smuggle marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali, in order to make a loss of nearly $700 an ounce. Here's a synopsis of that info, and here's the full United Nations 2007 World Drug Report.

Further, even Australian Customs denies there's an illicit flow of marijuana from Australia, to Bali (it's like accusing an Australian of smuggling cocaine to South America) - and both the Queensland Police and the South Australian Police have rubbished these bizarre claims. This is also backed up by numerous press reports.

You may also wish to note The Sydney Morning Herald has completely ignored these faxed questions for months (re their weird article about "Aussie Gold"), despite numerous reminders.

Regards, Kim