Friday, March 16, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Travelling QANTAS (and Government) Crime Show

Click on the image above to enlarge a graphic poster you can also access here in pdf format.

It's about time we took this explosive new movie on the road. This just the very first in a series of graphic posters for light weight/portable exhibition in key spots all over Australia, with the footage uploaded to You Tube.

PS - Here's poster . . . No. 2 - exposing criminal top cop Mark Standen, and . . .

No. 3 - exposing the use of innocent drug mules by QANTAS baggage handlers.

No. 4 - exposing QANTAS's unscreened bags.

No. 5 - QANTAS baggage handlers paid $300,000 to smuggle drugs in passengers luggage, but never sentenced.

No.6 - QANTAS trust another long-term criminal with passengers bags.