Saturday, April 7, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Activist Resources

For the time being (until someone comes up with a better idea), I'll post this list (just once), to each new discussion thread here. Email me on: if there's anything any of you wonderful activists out there would like to add, e.g. flyers, artwork, brilliant ideas:



Do something locally to publicise the issue, and contact your local newspaper re publicising the event.  Here's an example.

Publicise the corruption that jailed an innocent woman in the staff tea room, with a fridge magnet.

Take brilliant pictures like this, send them to Marie, and then post them to People for Schapelle

Exposing the censorship of Australia's commercial TVstations via Facebook

Expendable the Movie for iPhones

Using email signatures to spread the news.

Use staff notice boards to spread the info if you have access to them.  Here's a small poster you can easily download.  It's an A4 size document, just tear or cut it down the middle once it's printed.

Phone and/or fax Prime Minister Julia Gillard and/or Foreign Minister Bob Carr every time it occurs to you

Placards and flyers outside Woolies & Coles

Place a news ad in Julia Gillard's most marginal federal seat (not as expensive as you might think)

Loo posters - yep, check it out. Very effective . . . ;-)

How to easily make your own bumper sticker - another view here.

A Facebook avatar to help spread the truth - that image can also be used for T shirts, mugs, mouse mats, tote bags, fridge magnets etc. via any on-line printing company (such as Vista Print, just one example).

Some great tips on using Facebook to maximum effect to spread the truth - Australia has over 10 million Facebook users, so let's reach them all . . .