Saturday, April 7, 2012

Schapelle Corby & A Crucial Northern NSW Federal Electorate

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Dear Janelle,

You're the member for Page, a key seat - and now more so, given the recent outcome for the ALP in the nearby Queensland State elections. There's also widespread support for Schapelle in your electorate, and here's the evidence of that (extract from Vote to Save a Life).

You may also remember this recent correspondence to yourself on the matter - now on the first page of your Google search returns, here, here and here. And I guess it's a bit hard to miss page three of the most recent edition of The Gold Coast Bulletin (circulated throughout your area), which also mentioned The Expendable Project?

Further, shocking new evidence of the police cover-up that's condemned an innocent woman to 7 years in hell (so far), has just emerged - with the flyer here, the poster here and full report here. And you know something, those flyers are getting everywhere, even the newsagents have them . . .

So Janelle, a word in your ear that you might like to pass on to the powers-that-be. Tell them to grow-up, act like adults and bite the bullet. There's no way in hell this corruption can be kept under the covers, and each day longer an innocent woman's incarcerated for someone else's crime, it gets far worse. Schapelle's last book was a runaway best seller - and it's a sure thing the next one will be much bigger (by an order of magnitude). Then (of course), this news is already all over the net - plus the grass-roots campaign is huge, with (most probably), even more damning news to come. Check this out to see what I mean - and do you really want to see these placards all over your locality at election time?

Best wishes, Kim