Thursday, April 12, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Diary of An Activist

As you can see from the above shot, the printer and DVD burner have had a very good work out to-day (in preparation for some serious street action advertising expendable), much more coming tomorrow, and over the next few days.

Then this morning, I had to visit my local ANZ Bank, and the local Bank of Queensland - and after concluding my business (and a short, pleasant chat), I gave the ladies who served me a leaflet. I also handed them out to the two tradesmen who were doing a bit of work on our driveway to-day.

Then I did a bit of late night shopping at the Logan Hyperdome (in Forde), and handed out quite a few business cards. Everyone was pleasant, receptive and showed interest.

I gave one to the waitress who served our meal, and one to the young woman who took our money. She was thrilled, said she knew one of Schapelle's brothers - and always knew Schapelle was innocent.

I gave one to the young man in Big W who helped me buy the right blank DVD's (for some more burning and printing) - I got another pack of a hundred. Then I gave the check-out girl a card too.

I bought items in about five more stores, each time flicking the shop staff a business card when I paid the bill.

Lastly, hubby and I had a drink at The Coffee Club before went home - so the waitress there got a card as well, and I gave out another one when I parted with our cash.

It's just soooooo easy.

And when I got home, I posted 51 short, sharp headlines about Schapelle to 51 large Australian Facebook pages from this growing list.

Quite a fruitful day . . .