Saturday, April 21, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint Re The ABC's Continuing Failure To Report Core Fact, Faxed Directly To Their CEO, Mark Scott

Click on the poster to enlarge and read. Printable pdf version here.
Dear Mark,
This is a formal complaint, please treat it as such.
Firstly, I wish to complain about Kirstin McLiesh's letter to me of 23 March 2012 - and secondly, I want to complain about ABC Australia's continuing failure to report other core facts of indisputable public interest and concern.
As regards Kirstin McLiesh's letter to me of 23 March 2012, she appears to be saying these facts are not "Newsworthy" enough for ABC Australia to report:
  • The shocking fact Schapelle’s boogie board bag was diverted away from the legally required x-ray screening by corrupt insiders after she checked it in (and the Government deliberately hid this information at the time of her trial) - which also meant QANTAS carried unscreened luggage to the home of the Bali bombers.
  • The equally shocking fact none of the Sydney Airport QANTAS baggage handlers who helped to import 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004 (using innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules), were ever arrested or charged.
This is patently absurd to any thinking, intelligent viewer of your channel - and Kirstin sent me that missive post my phone call to your office in September 2011, as documented by The Expendable Project here, and after my further contact with your organisation (on these same issues), in March 2012.
So Mark can you either elaborate further on WHY these blindingly dramatic facts are not "Newsworthy" enough for the ABC to report, or actually report them.
I also wish to formally complain that ABC Australia has not (at any point), reported these other salient, highly newsworthy facts either:
  • Minutes of a NSW Crime Commission meeting held in Oct 2005, containing hard evidence of Schapelle’s innocence - as documented in this flyer, this poster and this full report.
  • Your long-term legal battle with the criminal who said he was meant to pick up the marijuana found in Schapelle’s bag (from Sydney Airport). This was after ABC Australia trashed his claims, and he sued your organisation for defamation.  You also failed to report that after hard evidence supporting his facts emerged in April 2012, you paid him tens of thousands in costs, to discontinue his action.
So maybe you need to wake up to reality Mark, and rein-in your reflexive arrogance?  Schapelle's last book was a run-away best seller - how many do you think the next one will sell, and how badly will you damage the credibility of your organisation once your shameful censorship (as documented above), becomes much more widely known?  
If you would be extremely unhappy (and uncomfortable), publicly defending these gross omissions to an audience of millions, then get off of your currently inert rear end, and do something about it - because you have my absolute promise you WILL be in that position (in a relatively short time frame).
Regards, Kim