Sunday, April 8, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint To The NSW Police Integrity Commission, Re New Information on NSW Police Corruption, CC Justice David Levine

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Dear Commissioner of the NSW Police Integrity Commission, Bruce James,

This is a new, formal complaint to your organisation re serious NSW Police Corruption. Please treat it as such.

I also note you personally sentenced the former Assistant Commissioner to the NSW Crime Commission, Mark Standen - so I guess you have some detailed knowledge of these issues?

My last, very detailed complaint on these matters was dismissed out of hand by your organisation - so I'm now asking you to look at them again, because minutes of a 17 October 2005 high level police meeting prove the NSW Crime Commission (including Mark Standen) and the NSW Police, knew Schapelle was innocent, knew who the perpetrators were and knew baggage handlers were stashing illegal drugs in the bags of unwitting passengers. And who knows what further information will be released? You can find the flyer here, the poster here and full report here.

They did not make this information public, they did not give it to Schapelle's legal team - and they did not pursue the perpetrators. Quite apart from the horrific implications this has had for Schapelle, need I remind you of the 1988 Lockerbie aviation disaster, and thus your extremely grave responsibilities in this matter? I guess (in some ways), Schapelle and all the passengers she was travelling with were extremely lucky - because her illegally (and corruptly), unscreened bag only contained 4.2 kilos of marijuana, and not 4.2 kilos of semtex.

Could you also please investigate (and report on), the secret 30-page document that was presented during Christopher John Laycock's secret trial. Was it his "Insurance," naming other corrupt cops - and thus ensuring the relatively light sentence he received, considering the seriousness of his crimes? Are those named police officers still employed, and thus a gross danger to all members of the public they come in contact with?

I a similar vein, could you please investigate the information "Tom" provided to the court - as documented here. Was the nearly $1.6 million of public money he was paid the price of his silence, keeping the corrupt officers he named in high office? Was Mark Standen on that list (amongst others)?

I look forward to your public response to these issues Bruce - taking into account the recent observations I made to the Federal Member for Page about last Saturday's high profile piece in the Gold Coast Bulletin exposing these issues, and taking into account you don't know what cat will jump out of the bag next.

Regards, Kim