Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to Phil Gardner, Editor of The Herald Sun

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This is a formal complaint to you as Editor of The Herald Sun.  Please treat it as such.  If I've had no response or acknowledgement four weeks from to-day, I'll send you a formal reminder - and then every two weeks thereafter until I do.
On April 17 2012, you published an article about Schapelle, clearly referring to an alleged lack of "Evidence" re her innocence - quite apart from the fact (which was obviously lost on your less-than-bright writer), every legitimate system of justice in the World is based on the Presumption of Innocence, thus Schapelle should NOT have to "Prove" anything, and there wasn't a shred of evidence linking her to the drugs found in her bag - you failed to mention DIRECT evidence of her innocence, which I alerted your organisation to (in no uncertain terms), twelve days before on 5 April 2012, via this email, and the telephone calls I refer to:
 From:  Kim Bax
 Date:  5 April 2012 11:19:34 AM AEST
(To the Herald Sun News Desk, post my phone call of just a few minutes ago - also detailing the below, cc The Australian Press Council)
. . . which for some completely bizarre reason only known to yourselves, you don't seem to be reporting (I've also just spoken directly to your Editor's PA, and alerted her to this info) . . . Here's my blog post relating to the NSW Crime Commission meeting, at which they discussed her innocence, and hard evidence relating to the very likely culprit:
Here's the flyer:
And here's the full report:
Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax
Could you please explain this gross anomaly, and seek to correct it ASAP.  I also direct you to point 1.4 of your Professional Conduct Policy, which states:
1.4 Do not knowingly withhold or suppress essential facts.
Though I must add, that given the track record of the Australian media on this issue, as evidenced in my recent formal research questions to Dr. Margaret Simons and Mr. Jack Herman, I have every expectation you will do everything in your power to avoid referencing (in your newspaper), the information I sent you on 5 April 2012.  Never the less, it's important (as a matter of public record), this formal complaint is submitted - because when Schapelle's next book is published (which will fly off the shelves), the Australian public will never look upon the Australian press in quite the same way again.
You are burning your entire credibility as a reliable news organisation on this single issue, in an unprecedented manner.  
Regards, Kim