Friday, April 27, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Letter of Complaint to Wendy Harmer & Caroline Roessler of The Hoopla, plus Journalist Tracy Spicer

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Watch the explosive new documentary about Schapelle HERE blowing the whistle on the corruption that jailed an innocent woman.

Dear Tracy,
I note you’re a member of The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance - and thus bound their Code of Ethics, specifically:
  1. Report and interpret honestly, striving for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts.  Do not suppress relevant available facts, or give distorting emphasis.  Do your utmost  to give a fair opportunity for reply.
And I also note that in your article published 27 April 2012 (in “The Hoopla”), you assert Schapelle Corby’s guilty:
“Why does a wealthy Westerner who chose to bring drugs into a country with the death penalty (she received a 20-year sentence) deserve more compassion than an illiterate fisherman who was unaware of the consequences of his actions?”
And you also imply her sentence was “Soft” by Indonesian standards:
“Why does a wealthy Westerner who chose to bring drugs into a country with the death penalty (she received a 20-year sentence) deserve more compassion than an illiterate fisherman who was unaware of the consequences of his actions?”
Further, you overtly accuse Schapelle’s supporters of racism, and imply they do not care about the Indonesians jailed in Australia:
“There’s a strong sense of nationalism – dare I say it, racism – that underpins the ongoing push for clemency for the 34-year-old. Supporters speak of the ‘corrupt’ Indonesian legal system; how the baggage handlers are to blame; and the strain of incarceration on a young woman. They don’t doubt her innocence.”
“It is right for the Indonesian President to carefully consider her appeal for clemency. But why is this more important than the hundreds of helpless souls in our jails Is it because she’s a young white woman? Because the men look ‘different’ to us. Because their lives are fundamentally worth less than ours?”
So I’m inviting you to formally provide some “Essential facts” to the public (which you have omitted), within the next two weeks. Failing that, I will lodge a formal complaint (with The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance), re your neglect of their Code of Ethics.
Here are those facts:
1. On the 17 Oct 2005, during a high level meeting of the NSW Crime Commission (the minutes were leaked earlier this month), cast iron evidence of Schapelle's innocence was discussed (listening device material).  This also pointed to the guilt of a criminal friend (a man named John Dunks), of corrupt NSW cop Christopher John Laycock (Dunks was also involved with corrupt baggage handlers, using the luggage of innocent passengers to ferry drugs between domestic airports).  Christopher John Laycock was jailed only this month (on various serious charges), after a 7 year delay in prosecuting him.  Further, self-confessed criminal William Moss admitted (as far back as 2005), he was also part of the plot (he was a mate of John Dunks), and had been tasked with picking up the drugs from Sydney Airport.  However, ABC Australia trashed his story, and ridiculed him (at the time), so he sued them for calling him a liar - but since the leaking of the aforementioned minutes (which fully supported William Moss’s account), ABC Australia settled with Moss, paying him tens of thousands of dollars in costs to cease his legal action against them.  
Here is the poster relating to the leaked police meeting minutes
And here is the full report, relating to the entire debacle
And here is proof of ABC Australia’s recent payment to criminal William Moss
2. The highest sentence ever handed out by Indonesia to one of their own citizens (found with a similar amount of marijuana), is just 5 years - and one Indonesian found with 161 kilos (40 times as much as Schapelle), got just 10 years.  No Indonesian has ever been executed for offences related to marijuana.  That’s according Schapelle’s Indonesian lawyer, in a fax he sent to the then Australian Prime Minister John Howard in 2005:
Further, Indonesian terrorists who hacked the heads off three kids on their way to school in 2005 got just 14 years, according to BBC news reports, and most of the Bali bombers are already free (as per Australian press reports of 2010). Also, the conditions in Australian prisons are not comparable. Indonesians jailed in Australia get good food, a hygienic environment, full (and free), medical, dental and psychiatric care - plus a large range of leisure and educational facilities.  That’s nothing like the hell Schapelle’s forced to endure.
3. People for Schapelle Corby (the primary support site for her, and the site directly related to the new documentary at - which demonstrates her innocence, and supports clemency), does not tolerate racism - and all appeals for her release, and assertions of her innocence, are based on documented facts, not bigotry.  Further, caring about Schapelle does not preclude caring about the Indonesians jailed in Australia - because (most certainly), I think their situation is entirely unjust, and most supporters of Schapelle (that I know of), share that opinion.  Their punishment is (and was), far too harsh. However, given the unpleasant choice - would you prefer to be in their place (jailed for 5 years in civilised conditions), or jailed for 20 in a violent sewer?  Who is at more urgent risk?
I look forward to your formal response within two weeks, and I will go ahead and lodge a formal complaint with your union (without further notice), if I hear nothing.
Regards, Mrs Kim Bax
And PS to Wendy Harmer and Caroline Roessler - I am also formally asking you to publish a correction and response to this article (containing the “Essential facts” you have failed to publicise), within a reasonable and timely period, regardless of Tracy Spicer’s decision  - as per the MEAA Code of Ethics.  I look forward to hearing from you.