Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Gillard Damned In Graphic New News Ad, Plus A Twice Weekly Appointment With Her MP's

Click on the image to enlarge & read the coming news ad.

Dear Julia,

I see you're completely ignoring the questions in this graphic half page news ad of January 2012, placed in Deborah O'Neill's local electorate. Despite many reminders, this fax to your office remains completely unacknowledged for over 11 weeks.

You're also steadfastly ignoring shocking evidence of Schapelle's innocence, just leaked in this dramatic new report of April 2012, by

So you know something? We're going to put it right under your nose in this graphic news ad. Needless to say, we'll choose the publication strategically, as in this most recent example.

Also, please note Schapelle's in this week's edition of New Idea Magazine again, with Mercedes her sister defiantly proclaiming her innocence - plus The Gold Coast Bulletin told around 60,000 Queenslanders all about expendable the movie on page three of their Saturday 7 April edition.

We also paid a visit to Craig Emerson's electorate office (Trade Minister), check out the photo - and distributed flyers in the Forde electorate on the way, seen here. And that's not the only place they're appearing, as they jostle top-selling women's magazines for shelf space, in some of your most marginal electorates. Then of course, the stickers are getting up close and personal everywhere.

We're also going to do a bit of afternoon camping outside selected electorate offices on a regular basis, and a few good examples come to mind immediately. Do you think the large, brilliant red and yellow poster I picked up this week would draw attention, stuck to the shop-front window? And let's not forget the T shirts and flyers. And when we pack up around 5pm, we'll be just in time to educate the local residents as they get off the train from work.

Regards, Kim