Thursday, April 5, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Professor Who Ignores Accountability & Academic Proof Pontificates Again

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And here's a message for Tim . . .

We're outing Indonesia to this country's core voters (repeatedly, and for as long as Schapelle stays in that hell-hole) . . . and that includes full page news ads. Not every local newspaper in this country is owned by Fairfax or Murdoch - and some of the one's that aren't exist in exquisitely sensitive spots.

We're also outing you (and the lobby you represent), in film, in public exhibitions - and in Schapelle's next run-away best seller.

You want to keep an innocent woman locked in hell, and torture her until she "Confesses"? Really? Super glue this message to your forehead Tim, every day you do - we're coming for you (metaphorically, with extreme non-violence), and the interests you represent . . .

Regards, Kim