Sunday, April 8, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Senator Larissa Waters, Are The Greens Just A Rubber Stamp For Corruption?

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Addit - Larissa Waters eventually refused ALL requests for meetings or discussions.

Dear Larissa,

Schapelle and her family are Queenslanders, and I'm a Queenslander myself.

I hope you saw last Saturday's graphic (and prominent), Gold Coast Bulletin piece about her - if you didn't, here it is. Also, please take note of my very recent comments to the Federal member for Page - and pay close attention to all the shocking new info I've linked to there.

Further still, your Parliamentary colleague Sarah has completely ignored the correspondence I sent her just over 5 weeks ago. In these circumstances, I'm formally seeking and meeting with you on these high profile and urgent matters - and as Senator Claire Moore can no doubt tell you (after her recent private meeting with myself and a friend), I don't bite. I assume you're no busier than Claire, and can spare the time?

I will phone your office some time before close of business on Tuesday 10 April 2012.

Warm regards, Kim