Friday, May 25, 2012

Schapelle Corby - GRANAT Is An Organisation Of Indonesian Racists

Message to GRANAT, just sent, post this article:

Re: Schapelle Corby
GRANAT is an organisation of racists.
The highest sentence ever given to an Indonesian for a similar amount of marijuana is just 5 years.
One Indonesian man found with 161 Kilos of marijuana (40 times more than Schapelle), was sentenced to just 10 years.

Evidence HERE.
Drug peddling Bali prison boss Mohammad Sudrajat got just 4 years.
The Bali robber who slaughtered a young Australian woman with 37 deep knife wounds to the heart and kidneys got just 15 years, because the Bali judge said he didn't "Mean to kill her."
The Indonesian terrorists who beheaded three children on their way to school got just 14 years.
Most of the Bali bombers are already free.
GRANAT knows there is NO trade in marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali - because a 2011 letter from Australian Customs proves it, as well as 2007 data from the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime.
GRANAT also knows there is not a shred of hard evidence connecting Schapelle to the drugs found in her bag - and there is huge evidence of corruption and crime at Australian airports, as fully explained in this new documentary.
However, GRANAT is more interested in persecuting a young, white Australian woman than looking for the truth.
Australian's should stop going to Indonesia (and spending their money there), while this disgusting attitude prevails, and while it is clear innocent tourists can be locked up for 20 years (or even executed), for drugs found in their luggage, when there is NO evidence connecting them to the drugs - and when their bags have been out of their care and control for many, many hours.